11-12 Sep 2014 Paris (France)

Unfold Mechanics for Sounds and Music (UMSM)

The Unfold Mechanics for Sounds and Music|colloquium|2014 will take place, for the first time, at IRCAM in Paris, France, from 11 to 12 September 2014.

Geometers will meet acousticians to discuss non-linear vibration, from its modelling to its control, and its potential impact on sound synthesis and music performance. The aim of the colloquium is to present research devoted to geometric methods (in a broad sense) in mechanics and control theory, and intends to facilitate interaction between theory and applications to musical acoustics.


Frédéric Hélein
Université Paris 7, Paris Diderot (UP7)

Multisymplectic geometry: some perspectives

Frédéric Hélein is professor at the Université Paris Diderot in mathematics. He has worked on the analysis of elliptic partial differential equations in geometry, geometric completely integrable systems and he is now oriented towards questions in mathematical physics, using e.g. multisymplectic geometry to understand the classical and quantum fields theories. He won the Fermat prize in 1999.

André J. Preumont
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Smart structures and active control of vibrations: 25 years of research at ULB

André Preumont received his MSc in Aeronautics from the university of Liege in 1973 and his PhD in Applied Sciences in 1981. He spent 10 years in industry before moving in academia. He has been a professor of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) since 1987, full professor since 1991, and director of the Active Structures Laboratory. He is the author of 7 books.

Special issue

The journal “Robotica” proposes a special issue of his journal dedicated to the main topics of the workshop. An advertisement will circulate, making the Robotica issue open to a wider potential list of authors than those who attend the workshop.


The colloquium will end on Friday evening by a concert at IRCAM by the EIC (Ensemble InterContemporain). Programme will be available soon.


International consortium

In addition, a second aim of the colloquium is to initiate an international consortium in order to construct a project to be funded with support from the European Commission.


Download the program

Download the program in pdf here


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Important dates

  • Extended to 26 June 2014
    • Abstract submission
  • 27 June 2014
    • Selection of paper and registration
  • 18 July 2014
    • Deadline for pre-registration
  • 25 July 2014
    • Final paper submission
  • 11-12 of September 2014
    • UMSM Colloquium


Advances in the following topics are welcome

  • Geometry of mechanical systems with active constraints
  • Non-linear vibration
  • Active control of vibration (both linear and non-linear)
  • Application to sound synthesis & musical instruments
  • Differential geometry and symmetry
  • Geometric and optimal control theory
  • Geometric methods in dynamical systems
  • Symplectic and Poisson geometry and their applications to mechanics

UMSM 2014 organized by

Instrumental Acoustics Team
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UPMC, Université Pierre et Marie Curie UPMC
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